“Artist are entrepreneurs"


Progress Playbook teamed up with The Actors Fund to support performing artist and entertainment professionals in the U.S. increase their income through business ownership. 



The idea of the “starving artist” encourages some artists to focus solely on their craft and not their financial health. 

It is true that many artist and entertainment professionals face a lack of job security, episodic employment, and low paying gigs, and are forced to work multiple jobs outside of the industry to supplement income. 

The real problem is a mindset of scarcity that culture has imposed on artist. Many believe that being an artist and financial struggle are synonyms.   


Changing culture and the artist mindset to “thriving” artists instead of “starving” artists is the answer. Artists must learn how treat themselves and their art as a business. “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business – man.” – Jay Z

Artists must also create extensions of their brands and start businesses to create additional streams of revenue to support themselves and thrive.

We can teach artists that it is possible to achieve a sustainable lifestyle while pursuing their passions. 



Progress Playbook collaborated with the Actors Fund to design The Creative Entrepreneurship Project, a program that equips performing artists and entertainment professionals with the resources to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial journey and increase their income and independence through business ownership. 

The Creative Entrepreneurship Project consist of: 

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: Becoming an entrepreneur is a 4 week course that was designed to help artist develop the mindset and emotional skills necessary to weather the highs, lows, and in-betweens throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Artist learn how to connect their entrepreneurial drive to their purpose and lay a foundation to achieve it.

  • Small Business Basics: Small business basics is a 6 week course where artist learn and apply the critical hard-skills needed to setup and sustain their business(es). Artist learn how to plan and operate a business, as well as apply financing, marketing and leadership best practices.

  • Your Art as Business: This 4 week course was designed exclusively for performing artists looking to produce original work. This course helps artists take their practice to the next level and build sustainable lives. Artist learn how to bring their original projects to fruition and use the tools of business in service of their creative practice.

  • The Workshop Series: The workshop series provides continuing business education to artist that have gone through the core creative entrepreneurship curriculum. Workshops include topics on social media, sales, time management and more. 

  • Artist Exchange:  The artist exchange gives artist the opportunity to meet monthly in groups to support each other on each others business projects, by sharing their wins, challenges, ideas and resources. 


As of 2018 over 100 artist in both New York City and Los Angeles have gone through the Creative Entrepreneurship project.