Benefits of a Corporation

Reduce your personal liability by separating your business and personal assets

Add new owners/investors easily while maintaining control of the company

Do business internationally - corporations are accepted almost everywhere

Choose to incorporate if you are considering taking your company public in the future


After you create your corporation, you can choose between filing taxes as an S corporation ("S corp") or a C corporation ("C corp"). An S corp is considered a "pass-through entity," which means the business itself isn't taxed. Instead, income is reported on your personal tax returns. A C corp's income is taxed at the corporate level, and if dividends are distributed, at the individual level as well.

Not sure what's best for your business? Our network of independent attorneys is here to help. If you select a package with attorney help when you incorporate you'll receive a 30-day* trial before we charge you to try out additional support from independent legal and tax professionals who help business owners like you.


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