NYC Playbook Weekly 1.31.18

NYC Playbook Weekly - 1/31/18

NYC Creators, Builders, Doers, Overachievers:  

This is your weekly dose of NYC business opportunities, events, tools, our lesson learned and more to help you build your best business in NYC. Let’s dive right in for this week:


  • $30K business grant from Squarespace and the New York Knicks - Due January 31st - Learn more
  • Free Tax Prep for New York Companies- Learn more
  • Discretionary funding from city council for community business projects:  - Learn more
  • What other opportunities should we let the community know about?  


  • Designing your NYC Startup Journey - February 7th - Sign up  
  • Establishing your NYC brand - February 21 - Sign up
  • Start an Empire: Youth Entrepreneurship Program - March 2018   Learn More
  • What events and programs are you attending over the next few weeks?


  • A past client is including us on an RFP because we never stop adding value to past customers: We have been staying on top of mind by sending our past customers funding opportunities and one of them reached out to us last week about including us on a Request for Proposal (RFP)  that they are applying to with DYCD. #score
  • Create articles on your customers' questions to enhance your SEO ranking and create a better customer experience: We are in the process of creating a list of articles for our blog, answering the most common questions our customers ask us. We believe this will support our SEO strategy and will help to create a better customer service experience.
  • Focus on the 3 most impactful things everyday to have an impactful year: One of our business coaches told us yesterday to identify and focus on the 3 most impactful things for the business everyday and forget about the rest. We have found this to be easy to understand but sometimes hard to do.
  • What did you learn this week? 


  • The Anchor App: We discovered The Anchor App from our friend Mike Ducile. It allows you to record, edit and automatically upload broadcasts (i.e. podcasts) to Itunes, spotify and other distribution platforms.
  • Built to Last: The creative director of Progress Playbook, Jovon Bryan, is reading an oldie but goodie, called, Built to Last by Jim Collins.  It reveals the successful habits of visionary companies.
  • Canva: As we ramp up to launch the NYC Playbook, we have been using Canva more and more to design cool graphics for our website, social media and digital flyers.
  • What are some books and tools that you are using?


“Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down” - Ray Bradbury.