NYC Playbook Weekly 2,14,18


NYC Creators, Builders, Doers, Overachievers:  

Happy Valentine's day. This is your weekly dose of NYC business opportunities, events, tools, our lesson learned and more to help you build your best business in NYC. Let’s dive right in for this week:


  • $15,000 New York StartUP Plan Competition - For Manhattan, The Bronx, or Staten Island businesses (Due February 28th) - Apply here

  • $10,000 opportunity for queens businesses via the Queens Business startup competition (Due March 31st) -  Apply here

  • The city is offering free Legal Services to help NYC businesses who are singing, renewing or changing their commercial leases: Learn more here

  • What other opportunities should we let the community know about?


  • Launch Lab: This is a 4 day intensive, where you will work with our team to get everything done that you need to launch your business in 4 days, from your business plan, website, business registration, accounting system and more. Learn more here.

  • Establishing your NYC brand - February 21 - Sign up

  • Designing your NYC Startup Journey - February 7th - Sign up  

  • Progress Playbook Office Hours - Sign up for our group office hours, where you will get all of your business questions answered, get support on your projects and get connected to resources. Learn More 

  • What events and programs are you attending over the next few weeks?


  • In person events are better than social media: We have been getting more engagement from our community when we do in person events over social media. Our community is more excited, connected and take action when they experience the brand and the people behind it in person.

  • Include a product slide in your presentations to satisfy all learning styles and close more deals: This may seem basic for some, but when giving talks using powerpoints, don’t forget to add a slide that highlights your products and services. Just talking about what you do is not enough, some people need to see what you do visually in order to understand what you do.

  • Break every project down into pieces to reduce anxiety and overwhelm: We are tempted to jump right into doing a project without planning it out fully because we want to move fast, however, poor planning can lead to mediocre results and added stress and anxiousness. We are now taking a few minutes each day to break down our projects.

  • What are some things that you tested and learned this week?


  • We were reminded of the book, never eat alone, after setting up a few lunch meetings last week with some of our partners. If you want to learn how to establish and build relationships, never eat alone is worth a read.

  • We stumbled on the app, Spark Post, that allows you to add animated effects to pictures. They are great for instagram stories.

  • A friend of ours told us about Iwriters, a platform where you can find writers from around the world Learn more here 

  • What are some books and tools that you are using that we should know about?