Establishing Your NYC Brand: Harlem & Queens


We gave a talk on Feb 21, 2018 in Harlem in partnership with Harlem Community Development Corporation and one in Queens in Partnership with NYC Business Solution Center on establishing an NYC brand by telling the stories and lessons learned from entrepreneurs that have done it.

Here are some of the things that we shared from the talk. 

  1. There are 200,000 + businesses in NYC
  2. How will you stand out in the crowd?
  3. Your brand is like your fingerprint, it identifies who you are authentically. 
  4. Strong NYC brands Embrace and tell their creation story. Stories are memorable, relatable, and get people to buy into you. 
  5. Strong NYC brands stand for something. They identify 3-5 core values and align their thinking and business practices with those values.
  6. Strong NYC brands develop niche products that set them apart. 
  7. Strong NYC brands empower others (partners, customers, employees, influencers) to tell their stories. 
  8. Strong NYC brands work hard to never be forgotten.