The Brooklyn Navy Yard Provides Free Retail Space For NYC Food Entrepreneurs

The Brooklyn-Navy-Yard-Free-Retail-Space-To-NYC-Food-Entrepreneurs-NYCHA

NYC food entrepreneurs, the Brooklyn Navy Yard teamed up with NYCHA to provide a free Kiosk called Local Bites on the first floor at Building 77 for NYC food entrepreneurs who are graduates of the Food Business Pathways program.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard’s 60,000-square-foot manufacturing hub is the home of local food and beverage businesses including Russ & Daughters, Brooklyn Roasting Company, Grandchamps, Jalapa Jar, Pizza Yard, Rustik Tavern, The Brooklyn Greenery, and now NYCHA food entrepreneurs.

How does the free food Kiosk program work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Business owners who graduate from the Food Business Pathways program rotate in and out of the kiosk every two months, giving new business owners the opportunity to test their product, generate revenue, make connections and grow their businesses.

What is the Food Business Pathways Program?

the Food Business Pathway program is 12-week course for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents who want to start a food based business. The program provides guidance and support on how to start a food-based business, including, connections to kitchen incubators, guidance on licensing and more. You can learn more here

Why is this a big deal for NYC entrepreneurs?

The kiosk provides new food entrepreneurs with the opportunity to grow their businesses, by testing and refining their product, generating revenue, and making connections that may not have been possible without the program. We all know how expensive NYC commercial rent is and this is a great opportunity to pay $0 in rent fees in NYC.

Check out the food business pathways program

Check out the food business pathways program or give them a call at 718-289-8100. Don’t forget to spread the word if you think this can help someone.