NYC Artists Are Taking Back Their Independence Through Entrepreneurship

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What would NYC be without performing arts and entertainment professionals? 

Actors, dancers, musicians, makeup artists, stage managers and more provide NYC with character and value. 

Because of the episodic nature of their work, low wages, and the rising cost of living, many artists are finding it increasingly challenging to afford to live in NYC, and as a result, they relocate, leave the industry all together, or find alternative sources of income through sideline jobs.

To ensure that artists have the means and flexibility to continue to do what they love in NYC, Progress Playbook teamed up with The Actors Fund to design The Creative Entrepreneurship Project, a program that trains performing arts and entertainment professionals on how to increase their income and independence through business ownership.

Over the last 3 years we have trained over 100 performing arts professionals in NYC to start and grow their own business.

We recently graduated our 6th cohort of artist entrepreneurs, which included health coaches, teaching artists, photographers, graphic designers, chefs, fashion consultants, e-commerce brands, editors, journalists, and more. 

We celebrate their accomplishments and will continue to provide support to the performing arts community because life without the arts, especially in NYC, would be no life at all.