LinkNYC offers NYC businesses free ads on its street kiosks


Have you seen the LinkNYC kiosks popping up all over the five boroughs over the last few years? You know, those big vertical stands on the sidewalks of the city that have replaced old school pay phones, where you can make phone calls, charge your cell phone and even stay informed about what’s happening around the city.  

Well, LinkNYC teamed up with the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications to offer NYC small businesses FREE ads on their 55-inch computerized screens for up to one month via the LinkLocal program. With a plan to install 7,500 kiosks throughout NYC by 2020, this could mean major visibility and increased sales for your business.

Why is LinkNYC so generous to NYC entrepreneurs and small businesses?

LinkNYC has a social mission to support local businesses and to ensure that they are viable in their neighborhoods and throughout NYC. Thank You LInkNYC  :)

How do I apply for free ad space on the LinkNYC kiosks?

To apply to receive free ad space on the LInkNYC kiosks you just need to complete their online questionnaire here. The decision makers over at LinkNYC and the LinkLocal program do not have a strict criteria on how they choose businesses for the program, but they largely make decisions based on instinct according to Kate Blumm, Assistant Commissioner for Communications at the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Shoot your shot NYC entrepreneurs and business owners. Apply here.

Why is this a big deal for NYC entrepreneurs and businesses?  

If selected, tens of thousands of people could view your ad via the LinkNYC kiosks helping you to build brand awareness and increase your sales (fingers crossed). Because many smaller businesses cannot afford to advertise their businesses on media platforms like the LinkNYC kiosks, this program helps to level the playing field some.