Launch Lab Frequently Asked Questions 

How will the Launch Lab help me? Over 4 days you will work with our team and a group of other entrepreneurs in the Launch Lab to complete a list of tasks to start your business the right way, including, creating your business plan, establishing goals, registering your business, setting up your accounting system, creating a website and more. You are getting the benefit of group pricing, NYC experts, speed and community. 

What if I completed some of the tasks on the Launch Lab list already? Our team will review and help you refine anything that you have already completed on the Launch Lab list. 

Does the price change if I completed some of the tasks on the Launch Lab list?  No. The price will remain the same. You can also sign up for our progress hours or our one-on-one personalized learning project. 

How much will it cost if I were to compete the items on the Launch Lab list myself? We calculated the average cost at approximately, $10,000+++, if you were to hire professionals to complete the items on the list for you. Check out the breakdown here.  

Do you have any financing options? Yes. You can make up to three payments before the Launch Lab begins.  

What goes into the business plan? We will create a a 3-5 page business plan with 3 year financial projections. 

How many iterations of the logo design will I receive?  We will provide 3 logos for you to choose from based on your concept ideas, and then provide up to 3 iterations on the logo you like the best.    

What platform will my website be created on? We create 5-10 page websites on only.  

How many products can we set up on the website? We will support you in setting up to 10 products.  

How many headshots will I receive? We will provide 3 headshots, and do editing on the 1 that you like the best.  

How many product shots will I receive?  We will provide up to 3 product shots, and If you need more, an extra cost will be applied. 

What are my costs after the Launch Lab? You will be responsible for the monthly costs to maintain your website on Squarespace (approx. $16 a month) and professional email (approx. $5 per month) and your URL name ($20 a year)  

Does the Launch Lab cost cover the publication requirement to set up the LLC in New York? No. That is a separate fee. We will provide instructions on how to complete the publication requirement for an LLC but not pay for it   

What support do you provide after the Launch Lab? We provide monthly progress hours to answer your questions and hold you accountable to your goals. We also host regular workshops on various topics.