10 Social Media Tools to Build your Online Presence

There are lots of social media tools out there to help you build your online presence, but here are 10 tools that we think are super helpful. 1) Canva: Create beautiful graphics for any social media platform. You may not need to hire a graphic designer after using this. 2) Word Swag: Create engaging images by adding text to your pictures. 3) Vont: This app allows you to add text to videos.

Create Great Customer Experiences

During an interview with the founders of SoulCycle, a boutique fitness company that has revolutionized indoor cycling, one of the questions that were asked was ‘How do you market SoulCycle’

The founders responded with:

The experience is what matters at SoulCycle and so we try to bring experiences to people. We don’t market in a traditional way…..We made a decision early on to put most of our marketing dollars and efforts towards creating experiences.”

Creating meaningful experiences is the new way to market your business.

Here is a step-by-step guide to create great customer experiences: 

7 Ways To Market Your Business on LinkedIn Today

If you just blew a callus-thick layer of dust off the old Windows 95 tower, poked the jammed power button with a pen, and haven't heard yet, LinkedIn is a social network that allows you to show off your professional accomplishments while networking with millions of professionals involved in practically every industry. LinkedIn has helped me grow my revenue stream significantly by allowing me to communicate with people who could use my services. Want to know how it could help you grow your business too? Read on!