Three questions you must answer if you want to build a badass brand

Our friend, Pia Silva from worstofalldesign walked us through the framework for building a badass brand. Here is a recap of what Pia shared.

Badass brands are noticeable, memorable, shareable and profitable. Badass brands must answer these three questions to position themselves for greatness.

Question 1: What does your company stand against?

Don’t just ask yourself what does your company stand for like everyone else, but also ask yourself, what does your company stand against?

Answering this question will help you to think about the problems that you are trying to solve and help you find the value that sets you apart from your competitors.   

Badass brands stand out from the competition by knowing what they stand against and then identifying their unique value to their customers.

Question 2: Is your favorite thing to sell your most profitable thing to sell?

If your favorite and most profitable thing you sell is the same thing, then consider selling just that. Cut the fat and stop selling the other services and products in your offering.  Focus on building a business and brand where you are a specialist.  Doing so will:

  • Make you happier
  • Free up your time to focus on the things you love
  • Help you to build a brand and stand out as a specialist in an area. Prospective customers will seek you out for that specific thing. 

Side note, there are many expectations to the rule above.

If your favorite and most profitable thing you sell are not the same, increase the value of your most favorite thing to sell so that you can charge higher price points for it and sell more of it. 

Badass brands are laser focused on doing a few profitable things that they love better than anyone else. 

Question 3: Are you ready to say no?

You must never compromise if you are serious about building a badass brand. That means saying no to customers and projects that you could do but they don’t line up with your unique offering. It means saying no and walking away from customers who ask for discounts.

Saying NO is powerful and does a few things for you:

  1. It strengthens your message. The world will see you as an expert and respect your integrity. Baddass brands are built on integrity. 
  2. Nobody forgets the company that says no to him or her and that understands their value. Badass brands are memorable. 
  3. Frees you up to find customers and projects that you really want to work with.  

Badass brands say NO a whole lot so that they can focus on the things that are most important.  

My favorite question is, What do you stand against?  I am curious to hear your answers to this.