Grow your email list & profits with this approach

Growing your email list with the right prospects and consistently adding value to them will result in more leads and a fatter bank account, amongst other benefits. 

One way to grow your email list is by writing for bloggers and getting their followers to follow you. Here is a step-by-step approach to do just that: 

Step 1: Research and identify 30+ small to medium sized blogs that your target audience reads.

Step 2: Read through the blogs and identify 3-5 things/topics that are important to each blogger and their readers. 

Step 3: Get on the bloggers radar by following them on social platforms and genuinely commenting, liking and sharing their post.

Step 4: Design an email that introduces yourself to the blogger and that spells out 1-3 ways that you can add value to the blogger. Add value to the blogger before asking for anything.

Step 5: Write an article of the utmost value to the readers of the blog. In your article, tell the readers why they should signup to your email list and provide a call-to-action with a link to your email signup page.

Step 6: Now that you have developed a relationship with the blogger by adding value to him or her and you have an awesome article in your back pocket for their readers, reach back out to the blogger, asking if you can guest post on their site. They should be happy to help you out.

Do this a few times a year and watch your email list and profits grow, grow, grow.

What  are others ways that you have used to grow your email list?