10 Social Media Tools to Build your Online Presence

There are lots of social media tools out there to help you build your online presence, but here are 10 tools that we think are super helpful. 

1.    Canva: Create beautiful graphics for any social media platform. You may not need to hire a graphic designer after using this.

2.    Word SwagCreate engaging images by adding text to your pictures.

3.    VontThis app allows you to add text to videos.

 4. PhhotoCreate cool moving images (Gifs) that will get the attention of your audience. 

5.    HaikudeckCreate simple and good looking presentations.

 6.    TweetfullAutomate retweets and favorites on twitter based on keywords. This can help boost your followers and leads.  

7.    AlbumariumFind free stock images for your visual content  

 8. HootsuiteSchedule your tweets and facebook posts from one place.  

 9.    BuzzSumoResearch and analyze content that is performing best on the web based on your keywords/phrases. 

 10. BufferRead through blog feeds and schedule them to be sent out on your social platforms.