Our goal is to help you build your NYC business. Drop by our office in Lower Manhattan or lets hope on a call to get advice and guidance on building your business in NYC. 

  1. Get your business questions answered,

  2. Get support as you work on and complete your business goals and projects

  3. Get connected to resources and tools that can move your business forward.

We can help you with:

  • Starting your business in NYC

  • Business strategy and goal setting

  • Business registration ( i.e. LLC, C-corp, S-Corp)

  • Building an audience

  • Sales strategy

  • Business projections

  • Funding options

  • Government contracts

  • More +++++

Progress Council: NYC 

Our office hours are lead by the Progress Council: NYC, a group of NYC business experts with experience on a variety of business topics.  

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Contact us * 347-464-8178