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Find out what it really takes to launch your own business by first practicing the startup experience.

During the START AN EMPIRE project, you will form a team and collaborate with entrepreneurs, influencers and experts to launch a one day business in 10 weeks.  Keep what you earn from the business and be in the running to win cash prizes and support to launch your very own business. 

How it works


The Application

Complete our simple application


The Project

            A group of empire builders will be accepted into the project to collectively work on launching and                        operating a business in 10 weeks.  



The Support

Participants will receive guidance and resources from thought leaders, business owners, and experts to launch their business project. 



The Profits & Cash Prize

Participants keep the profits earned from their business project to cover the cost of their individual startups and one participant will win a big cash prize, resources and support to launch their business. 



The Results

Get Real Business Experience - Develop Real Business Relationships - Make Real Money - Change the Real World

Apply for an upcoming cohort 

Brooklyn Children's Museum - Fall 2017  

Previous Empire Builders 

Team#1: Crown Collective (Spring 2016)

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